AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner Review

AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proper cleanup and maintenance is essential for the interior space of any vehicle. While the area is usually protected from the external environment, the surfaces are still prone to dirt buildup due to constant use.

If the space is neglected, you will notice the accumulation of dirt, dust and general debris. This will lower the visual aesthetics of your vehicle and the space can become uncomfortable. In ideal circumstances, you should engage a professional cleaner.

On the other hand, this solution is not practical in many cases due to the high cost of the service. In addition, the regular cleanup service can be a great inconvenience because a lot of time required.

Fortunately, you can avoid all these deterrents by acquiring an AVCS Car Vacuum Cleaner. This appliance is designed to facilitate easy DIY cleaning of the interior vehicle space. Here is a brief discussion of the main features and the pros and cons of this vacuum.


Flexible and portable design

The AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner is designed to provide maximum flexibility and convenience. The appliance is built with a 3.8-meter power cord. This long conduit will allow you to reach all interior surfaces of your vehicle including the back-seat area when cleaning.

In addition, the cleaner has a portable and compact design; therefore, you will be able to handle the vacuum and move efficiently in the vehicle when cleaning. You can also carry the vacuum from your car to the house, or even another vehicle.

High suction capability

This car vacuum cleaner has an exceptional suction capability which are crucial for efficient housekeeping for your vehicle. This property can be attributed to the presence of the optimized high-power motor which is incorporated into the product. The appliance has suction capabilities rated at 4,000PA, so it can handle most forms of dirt and debris, including leaves, crumbs, fur and cigarette residue.

The car vacuum is powered by the 12V DC outlet in the vehicle; you will only need to plug it into the cigarette lighter plug. You should also note that the vacuum is fitted with a HEPA filter, which prevents contamination of the air. This component can be easily washed and replaced, so you do not have to be concerned about long-term costs.

Multiple accessories

Like other good vacuum cleaners, the AVCS Car High Power Vacuum is designed to provide great performance by using multiple accessories. These peripheral items are built to ensure that every type of dirt is efficiently handled. The large mouth accessory will vacuum the external surface dirt while the short brush mouth is built to vacuum away fabric fibers and hair.

If you want to vacuum the dirt concealed in crevices, you can use the straight long mouth or the soft tube. The cleaner will also allow you to minimize contact with dirt. There is a single-step empty feature which is controlled with an on and off switch.

Wet and dry capabilities

The AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner is designed with wet and dry capabilities; in simple terms, the appliance can handle both wet and dry cleaning tasks. This is an important feature for a car vacuum cleaner because you will not only have to deal with dry debris and trash; you might experience accidental coffee or water spills when driving. The cleaner will help you resolve the problem with ease.


  • The vacuum has high-suction power which translates into high-efficiency cleaning capabilities
  • The appliance is compact and portable, so you will be able to handle it easily and move it from one place to another
  • The product has wet/dry capabilities
  • You can use the vacuum in your home and office for cleaning surfaces like sofas
  • There are multiple accessories for different cleaning tasks
  • The maintenance requirements are low


For long cleaning sessions, you will need to allow the motor to cool down after some time. This will extend the lifespan of the product.


If you need a simple and compact cleaner for your vehicle, the AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner will provide great suction and an overall good performance.

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