Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum Review

Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum Review

Keeping car and boat carpets and upholstery clean can be a very challenging job, even for the most meticulous person in any setting, and these tasks can be extremely time consuming. From removing stains from problem areas to learning how to keep high-traffic areas nice and tidy, this is a continuous job for anyone who wants to always have clean carpets in their cars, home and other areas.

Fortunately, with all of the advanced devices you have access to, there are some vacuum cleaners on the market that can assist you with even the smallest tasks. One of these is the Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum – Cordless. So, for those of you who are interested features provided with this vacuum, you can review the information provided below.


  • This handheld cleaner comes with the power of Dyson V6 digital motor. Even though it may be small and light, it is considered to be one of the most powerful handheld vacuum on the market
  • To increase airflow, while also capturing all of the fine dust, this hand-held vacuum has been designed with 15 cyclones, which is arranged with 2-tier radial cyclones
  • For the toughest jobs, it has been designed with a mini-motorized tool to pick up stubborn debris and pet hair that are deep down in upholstery, cars and other surfaces
  • Dyson also engineers these tools and provides a number of different accessories that come with this vacuum (i.e. mini soft dusting brush, the crevice tool, and the extension hose)
  • Works up to 20 minutes with each battery charge
  • Provides you with a powerful suction capability
  • Manufacturer designed this tool with a trigger grip release that allows you to use it when vacuuming


  • The suction power in this is said to be more than enough to pick up all kinds of different debris in your car and around the home
  • A max button is provided on the back of the vacuum for all of those situations that required extra suction power to remove dirt and debris
  • Big time saver for the smallest messes because it does not take extra time and effort in dragging out a big vacuum for every job
  • Great suction power for sucking up dirt and debris in different areas
  • Gives you 2 different modes, which includes regular and mega suction functions
  • Use this hand-held vacuum cleaner for quick car maintenance and for different kinds of spot cleaning jobs in the house (i.e. cabinet fronts as well as bookshelves, etc.)
  • Does not come with a hefty premium price tag, but does a great job, particularly when it comes to cleaning up and removing dirt and debris in furniture and upholstery
  • Good product that is also reliable so it is a quality product
  • Comes with the right kind of portability, strong suction functions and it is very easy when it is time to clean it out
  • Wonderful vacuum to take with you when you are traveling or simply at home


Some users say that the power only lasts about 6 minutes on it normal mode setting without having to use the power boost button.


Overall, the Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum – Cordless is a very good buy for the price; it is great for using inside the home, car and in other places where vacuuming is needed. Because it is portable, it can easily be carried from one location to the next without having to use extra strength or struggles.

It is an excellent choice for those who want to do small jobs quickly without having to lug out the big vacuum cleaners at home. It comes with two different modes for saving on power, so it is versatile and will save time and money; you do not have to stop and charge the battery multiple times without completely finishing the job.

Therefore, it is an excellent buy for keeping carpets and upholstery clean in cars, vehicles, and in the home.

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