GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

With so many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market today, you might have a difficult time trying to decide which one will be best for your specific needs. Vacuuming the car, upholstery and carpeting are a just a few places that you need to buy a vacuum cleaner for.

Even though there are quite a few on the market you may want to consider, there is also a lot of information online, and they can assist in making an informed decision.

Starting with how well a vacuum cleaner is built, how well it performs in picking it up dirt and debris, and a host of other need-to-know information, you usually look for this kind of information in order to make the best choice.

So, for those who are in the market to buy a handheld vacuum that fits a variety of different needs for your car, here’s the GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner that can be considered for the top of the list.


  • Comes with an electric cord so it works with and without batteries
  • Measurements for this handheld vacuum is 12-volt, power 80W, suction 3.2KPA
  • One-step empty feature has been included so you can keep your hands clean without touching any dirt or debris
  • On/off controlled by one touch
  • Designed with an environmental protection cloth bag and a long soft tube (approximately 18.2” in length).
  • Come with a 1-year quality guarantee that allows you to return it or replace it if you are not satisfied with its performance


  • Device works great when being used on the inside of a home as well as in the interior of a vehicle
  • Portable and is made for ease in storing away inside of the home and inside the trunk or other areas of a vehicle
  • Powerful enough to pick up both small and large items so it gets areas very clean whenever it is used
  • Comes with a hose that is attached so that it is easy to clean under seats and between different areas around the console and the like
  • Great purchase price
  • Recharges quickly
  • Ideal for use and portability since it barely weighs 1kg
  • Easy to maneuver into tight constraining places so there is no need to run additional cords to compensate for difficult places
  • Filter is easy to use and clean. It is also a plus to its usage because it is washable and can be used over and over again
  • Removable and reusable filters make it less costly to operate so it does save money too
  • Sucks up dirt, dust and other debris with a minimal amount of fuss in getting things done.
  • Comes with additional accessories that are not normally available with a handheld vacuum (i.e. extended hose and brush)
  • Cord for this device is very long so it can accommodate cleaning jobs for the standard vehicle and stretch limos too.
  • With the extended hose, the user does not have to always park in the garage or directly near home to do a good, quick job
  • Comes with different vacuum mouths
  • Very strong suction that measures in strength; people love when they are doing both small and large jobs (i.e.3.2KPA)
  • Even though this vacuum does produce a certain amount of noise when getting these jobs done, it’s not as loud as other standard vacuum cleaners.


  • Some consumers complain about it having poor suction
  • Hose sent with the vacuum did not fit in the vacuum suction hole, so attachment is completely useless


Buying a good vacuum cleaner for a vehicle, small jobs in the home and the upholstery does not have to be a difficult shopping experience, because there are vacuums like the GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner on the market today that can offer everything and more that you want and need. This is one of the best reasons why you should try the GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner in your home, vehicle and other places that need to be cleaned.

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