Car Vacuum Reviews

Car Vacuum Reviews

Nowadays, cars are considered an important part of everyday life to the point that many people invest in buying one to make life easier to roam around. Some people tend to even spend a lot of time in their car because of work or their usual commute. Because of the time people spend in their car, it is unavoidable it can get dirty and it is important to clean the mess before it creates stains.

The best way to clean a car’s interior is by getting a car vacuum cleaner. Like regular vacuums used at home, car vacuums can clean almost any surface in the car and suck out the usual messes that go in the car’s upholstery.

Unfortunately, if you are new to the car vacuum cleaner market, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the various types, sizes, and features of car vacuum cleaners today.

To help you understand the market of car vacuum cleaners and narrow down your list, this website offers a comprehensive guide to help you get started.

Before we give you our recommended car vacuum cleaners, let’s first discuss what you need to look for in a good car vacuum cleaner.

What to look for in a good car vacuum cleaner?

Car vacuum cleaners are like normal vacuum cleaners in terms of what they do, but there are several features in car vacuum cleaners which make them stand out from the rest. While getting a regular vacuum cleaner can also clean several areas in the car, it may not be able to clean certain areas only car vacuums can clean properly.

Here are some of the things you need to look for in a good car vacuum cleaner:

  • Type of Vacuum: Car vacuum cleaners come in two different types: corded or cordless. Both types vary in suction capacity and how long they can be used.
  • Handled Messes: Some car vacuum cleaners can handle both wet and dry messes, while others only handle only dry messes.
  • Portability: There are vacuum cleaners which are small and easy to carry, while others are heavy and cumbersome.
  • Suction Power: The better the motor running the vacuum, the more powerful the suction.
  • Battery Life/ Power Source: Suction power affects power usage so if you get a cordless vacuum cleaner, it is important to check whether its battery life can handle the suction power the machine has.

How to choose a good car vacuum cleaner?

After checking the items you need for a good car vacuum cleaner, it is time to find out how you can narrow down your choices and see which is the best car vacuum cleaner.

When picking a new or replacement car vacuum cleaner, here are the things you should consider:

  • Weight: Handheld vacuum cleaners are notable for their size and weight and since it is handheld, it is important that it is light and small. However, one must also consider that if it is lightweight, it is plausible the motor is not very strong. Try picking one which is slightly heavy but not too difficult to carry for a long period of time.
  • Battery Life: If you are purchasing a cordless handheld car vacuum cleaner, you need to check how long the battery life lasts in a single charge and how long it can be charged to full power.
  • Available attachments: A handheld car vacuum cleaner should have available attachments that cater to places you intend to clean in your car, like crevices and tight spaces.
  • Ease of use and cleaning: Handheld car vacuum cleaners should be easy to use even without instructions. After cleaning your car, it is important that the car vacuum cleaner is easy to clean. Check if the handheld car vacuum cleaner has an easy to clean feature.
  • Motor Power: Finally, when buying a handheld car vacuum, it is important it has firepower since it will say how powerful the suction is.

HOTOR DC12-Volt 106W Wet&Dry Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum

It is not uncommon for people to clean their vehicles on a weekly basis. In fact, some will clean the vehicle thoroughly on the inside and outside whenever it is needed.

Before you spend a lot of extra time in getting this job done, it is very important to choose the best cleaning products, equipment, accessories and tools in order to do a good job.

Buying the best products available will not only make the job easier, but will also reduce the amount of time spent in thoroughly cleaning the vehicle. Therefore, before starting one of these projects, one of the first things is finding a good vacuum cleaner that has been made specifically for your car.

With all of this in mind, the HOTOR Wet&Dry Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum – DC12-Volt 106W is a great product that you should look at before deciding to buy an auto vacuum.


  • This car vacuum has been designed with exceptionally strong suction capabilities since it comes with a C 12-volt 106W 2800-3000PA suction power. With kind of power, you can remove dirt, debris and other items
  • Comes with multiple options since it can serve as a wet dry vacuum and a dry vacuum
  • Carrying and storage case is included for your convenience so it makes this vacuum much easier to transport from one place to another
  • Vacuum is easy to keep clean and fresh for the next job because the filter can be removed from its carrier and then washed
  • Sent from the manufacturer with several different accessories including an extension hose, crevice attachment, brush and long cable
  • 1-year guarantee is provided with an offer to replace or provide a refund when the consumer is not satisfied with this product


  • Made for ease in use so that it will last longer, specifically, because it is easy for you to keep it clean
  • Comes with an exceptionally long cord that makes the job easier to do
  • Great suction power that allows you to pick up anything that they need to include large items like a mobile phone
  • Manufacturers have included a large carry bag for transporting and for storing away after each use
  • Easy to empty the vacuum because it has a one-step press button top that pops off
  • Great product for the amount you pay
  • Extra filter included so additional performance is added before a new one is required


  • Motor can be too weak to tackle some of the larger jobs
  • Does not work with the suction for dog hair


Finding the right vacuum cleaner is essential in making sure the job is easily done and without a lot of unnecessary hassle. You should look for features in a vacuum that will best fit your specific needs. For those who are considering buying the HOTOR Wet&Dry Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum, this is a great buy for the price.

LOLLDEAL 12V 3200PA Suction Portable Hand Held Car Vacuum Cleaner

A good handheld vacuum is not a luxury, but a necessity for those who want to keep their vehicles clean and fresh. Because these jobs can take time and quite a bit of effort to remove all of the dirt from crevices, people are always looking for products that will make their lives much easier.

Fortunately, there are great handheld devices online and in retail stores that can do a good job. However, in order to find an identify the best, it’s a good idea to do a little research into the products you are considering.

There are reviews that explain the pros and cons of some of the best items; if you are looking for the best on the market today, you may find that the info that you need are actually in reviews like this one. We will discuss the pros and cons of the LOLLDEAL 12V 3200PA Suction Portable Hand Held Car Vacuum.


  • This device comes with very powerful suction functionality since it has been made with DC 12V 3200PA motor. You will find that they you clean up both small and large messes with ease
  • Manufacturer offers 4 different accessories: the brush, soft hose, hard hose, and the soft tube. All provide for detailed cleaning jobs
  • it is used to clean the carpet or corner in the car.
  • Holds certified safer cleaning certificates: CE and ROHS certification
  • lightweight dust buster provided since it has been installed with a 10A current fuse. This feature helps with avoid any damage
  • Convenient storage bag that has been designed to hold both the vacuum and all of its accessories.
  • 1-year guarantee that provides the option of replacement or refund


  • Comes with premium suction power, even though it is very lightweight
  • Pays for itself within a few uses because it does a professional job and does not require going to a detailer to clean out the small crevices. Consumers say it does a great job, especially in comparison to having to pull out a full-sized vacuum cleaner like a shop vac
  • Made with the ideal size and practical design so it can clean the entire vehicle from the front to the back, including the trunk
  • Lifespan of this vacuum is considered to be much longer because it is easy to keep clean. Simply tap the filter to release the dirt and empty the bag


Some consumers say that is too small for their needs and does not have a lot of suction power


The overall design of this handheld vacuum cleaner is great, and it is made with very high standards for quality. The manufacturer has also paid special attention to its overall design and the number of accessories that it comes with. It has the ability to handle cleanup jobs quickly.

AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner

Some jobs can be handled with small portable devices instead of the big hefty equipment that you would normally use to clean a home or other facilities.

In fact, some of the most essential tools and equipment that you can use to clean your vehicle thoroughly is normally compact and easy to transport from one place to another.

This is one of the reasons why people who have vehicles normally look for a handheld vacuum cleaner since it can assist in cleaning a vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. You can look for reviews that will cover handheld vacuums like the AVCS Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Designed with a high-performance motor that gives superior suction services
  • Made with several different functions in mind including cleaning up dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, cigarette ash, leaves, along with other small things left behind in a vehicle
  • This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that can be used in a vehicle and in a home
  • Optimized high-power motor that comes with a guarantee free return and 100% full refund


  • Gives you the capabilities of having a small vacuum with super suction power
  • Additional attachments provided for hard-to-reach places in a vehicle or a home
  • Plugs into the cigarette lighter so no extension cord is required


In order to extend the vacuum’s life, it is highly recommended that you stop vacuuming after 20 minutes of use to clean it.


Overall, this vacuum is highly recommended for use since it has enough power to do both small and large jobs. It comes with an affordable price. However, one of its major drawbacks is having to stop vacuuming after 20 minutes of cleaning to cool down the motor.

Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum – Cordless

Looking for the best kind of handheld vacuum cleaner does not have to be difficult today. With all of the data that is provided on the Internet, there are a lot of great reviews that explain how each product functions along with the pros and cons of each.

Therefore, whenever you are in the market to purchase a handheld vacuum cleaner, you should look at the reviews to see if you are making a good decision. The same statements are true for those who may be looking to buy the Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum – Cordless.


  • This model can be best described as light, small, but still powerful enough to compare to most of its competitors
  • Comes with two tiers that function in parallel to capture more dirt and dust while also increasing airflow
  • For the tougher tasks, it has a mini-motor that has been made to pick stubborn debris from the upholstery and pet hair from surfaces.
  • Just like other Dyson tools, it has been engineered to handle the professional cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • Holds up to least 20 minutes of battery power


  • Suction is more than adequate to remove virtually any kind of debris
  • For extra suction power, a max button has been placed back on the back so that it can handle the tougher jobs. This max button is an additional feature that helps to save on energy so that it can be reserved until needed
  • Highly recommended for users who want a portable vacuum at an affordable price
  • Single charge can last up to 1 to 2 days, based on the frequency of use


  • Some consumers complain about the battery not lasting long enough to complete their jobs
  • Takes 4 hours of charging to get 20 minutes of power


Overall, this product is highly recommended since it does a great job on vacuuming dirt and debris from vehicles. It has also been made with additional functionality that allows you to boost suction power in hard-to-clean places. Most buyers have given it great reviews for the functionality and the price.

GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the best handheld vacuum is not always a simple task because of the wide variety available on the market. However, when you learn the facts about each type, you can make a better informed decision.

So, for those of you who may want to know how the GlowGeek Car Vacuum Cleaner,12V Power compares with others, here are some of its top features, and pros and cons that can be used to decide if it is the best option.


  • Manufacturers have included an electric cord for its power
  • Comes with 4 different vacuum mouths in order to pick up different types of objects (i.e. hair, wool fabric, and surface dust)
  • 1-step emptying system that allows you to keep your hands clean without having to touch dust and dirt on the inside of the vacuum’s container
  • Functions as a wet and dry vacuum
  • Comes with both a long soft tube and cloth bag for environmental protection
  • 1-year quality guarantee provided


  • Easy to maneuver lightweight appliance (approximately 1kg)
  • Removable filter that is washable so it is easy to keep clean
  • The cord is long enough to extend to distant areas so it perfect for reaching the front and the back of a vehicle.
  • Recharges quickly so it is a great buy for the price


Some buyers say that it lacks suction power and only lasts approximately 2 minutes.


Overall, this product is a great buy for the amount that is being spent. It has a long cord for power that makes it easier to clean both the front and back of the vehicle without a lot of unnecessary hassle. However, one of the biggest concerns from consumers is having enough suction power to complete the job properly.

Final verdict

Even though all of these vacuums have quite a few benefits, there are some that provide you with a much better product than others. So, we were to select the best and the least favorite handheld vacuums, we would choose based on the following factors.

The best handheld vacuum among this group would be the HOTOR Wet&Dry Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum – DC12-Volt 106W since it has a lot of functionality and a great amount of power.

On the other hand, the least best option may be the Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power Wet Dry 20W 4000PA with 3.8 Meter Cable 12V since you have to stop using it after only 20 minutes so that the motor will not burn out.