About Car Tailing

Hey Everyone!

Max here. I’m not one for bragging and I’m not quite sure what to write here but I’ll give it a shot. I love vehicles and I’ve been around them my whole life. When I was little, I used to spend most of my time hanging around the auto garage behind my house.

My Experience with Cars

I was friends with the shop owner’s kid, Tommy, and we had a lot of fun and got into a lot of trouble. The car world has always been interesting to me. I remember hanging around a bunch of El Caminos and remembering everyone talking about how they couldn’t get rid of them. Tommy and I didn’t mind, because we spent a lot of our days imaginary-driving them. Now, I see on TV that people actually want them and pay top dollar for nicely restored ones. Ha!

Vehicles have been good to me over the years. They’ve allowed me to provide for my family and I’m happy to have had the years of experience to pass on to others. From a young age I was changing oil, replacing break pads, rotors and doing my own tune-ups. In addition to saving tons of money, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons about taking care of cars.

Why Did I Start Car Tailing?

I started this website so I could help others break into the profitable world of interior car maintenance. Even if you’re just doing it for your own cars, you’ll save a bundle doing it yourself, even if you have to spend a little up-front to get the proper tools. To me, car detailing is the best kind of car business you can get into.

I Prefer Car Detailing Over Other Types of Maintenance

I mean, sure, you could crawl under a car, drain the oil, replace the oil filter, fill it up with new oil and walk away with $40.00. Of course, that doesn’t include the cost of the filter and oil. Or, you could make $125 just making the interior of a car look and smell great. Pick what you will, but I’ll take car detailing every time. Don’t get me wrong, oil changes are necessary, and I’m thankful for people who do them. But there’s a reason that I pay someone to do my oil changes rather than do them myself: time is money.

Car Detailing Is So Important, But Often Overlooked

There is so much information online about maintaining the exterior of vehicles and even the more difficult mechanical repairs, but there isn’t a lot about proper interior maintenance. This surprises me because, in my opinion, the interior of a vehicle gives the most return for the least investment.

Ask yourself this, when you buy a new vehicle, what’s the one thing everyone comments on? That “new car” smell! For many people, especially commuters, their car is their second home!

Do You Know How Long the Average Commute Is?

Did you know the average worker spends a total of 46 minutes each day on their work commute? That is 16,790 minutes each year, or nearly 12 full 24-hour days sitting in their car each year.

How Can Car Tailing Help You?

If you’re starting a car detailing business, then I think you’ll find a lot of profitable information on here to help you get the most for your efforts. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the cheapest tools will save you money, because they’ll cost you time, and that’s the most expensive kind of money!

Car Tailing will provide reliable reviews and tips to help you be the best “Car Tailer” possible. I look forward to helping you out. If you have any questions, or if CarTailing.com has helped you in any way, then please use the contact form to let me know!