Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you tired of cleaning your car from time to time? Are you so busy that you don’t maintain its cleanliness? Do you have pets that you love bringing on road trips, errands, etc.? Most car owners pay for professional auto detailing services or quick car washes to make their cars clean. But do you know the most inexpensive, convenient way to keep your car clean?

Car vacuum cleaners, also called sweepers, are devices built with air pumps to create fractional vacuum to pick up dust, dirt, and other mess from floors and other surfaces. They are useful and come in different models. Each car vacuum cleaner has attachments, accessories, and features that corresponding to different car cleaning tasks.

Buying a car vacuum cleaner is not as easy as going to the supermarket and grabbing the first product that you see. Several factors should be considered: the features, suction power, attachments, and length of power cord, price, and others. Also, determine the kind of car you have and the kind of cleaning tasks you would do.

Car vacuum cleaner should have enough suction power and can get through crevices and small spaces to get the dirt and dust out of the car surfaces. When it comes to suction power and versatility, this Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner is a good one. Here are its features that make it stand out from other car vacuum cleaners. Also listed below are its pros and cons based on the users’ reviews.


The Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner is a 12 volt 120-watt high-powered handheld car vacuum cleaner. It is connected to the cigarette lighter and the power cord is 16.4 ft long enough for convenient use.

Its suction power is strong enough it can pick up pet hair, wool, dust, cigarette ash, leaves, crumbs, and other kinds of a mess inside the car.

Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with three different attachments – the hard mouth used for cleaning the trunk and under seats, the brush for picking up dirt that has stuck on the car, and the soft tube for cleaning the carpet or corners of the car. The soft tube can attach the hard mouth and brush for more functions.

To keep the Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner last for longer time, wash the filter every after use.

The Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner can be used in dry and wet applications. It can be used for cleaning spilled milk, water, and other liquid. It can be used for all dust and water stain removal.

The Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner weighs 1.5 pounds. It is light enough to prevent arm strains and save your energy.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner are based on user reviews. The number of pros is greater than the number of cons making Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner a highly positive reviewed car vacuum cleaner.


  • Good for its size
  • Effectively cleans
  • Dust container comes off easy
  • Reaches every corner
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Good vacuum size
  • Multi-functional
  • Dry and wet application
  • Long cord
  • Easy to use


  • Little suction power


Car vacuum cleaners are most useful when it comes to picking up dirt, dust, and even spilled liquid inside the car. Unlike professional auto detailing services, vacuum the car’s surface is much cheaper. Those quick car washes can damage the surface of the car, which the car vacuum cleaner does not do.

There are different kinds of car vacuum cleaners manufactured by different companies. Choosing is not easy, The Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner is a pretty good choice.

The Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight enough and can reach crevices and corners of the car. It has good enough suction power that can pick up pet hair, dust, leaves, crumbs, and other kinds of mess. It can also clean up deep-seated dirt and even spilled milk and other liquid.

The power cord is long and is connected to a cigarette lighter. It is affordable too. So, if you are a car owner who is strict on keeping your car clean all the time, this Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner is what you are looking for. It is portable and can easily be stored inside the car tp use every time you need it.

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