Car Cleaning Tips: How to Make Your Car Clean As Brand New

Car Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a car is not an easy task and takes so much time. As a busy person, you would not want to spend your time in getting into the hard to reach areas in your car to remove crumbs, dust, and other dirt. This is why many car owners go to the quick car wash shops that use big brushes which might injure the car. What are the safe and effective car cleaning tips?

Cleaning a car is difficult, but you can actually do it yourself. In fact, car owners share their car cleaning tips while protecting it from harsh brushes and other cleaning tools. Some tips include the following:

  • Use a cheap paint brush or foam brush to clean the in-between of the AC vents.
  • Replace the air filter cabin to prevent foul odor.
  • If dirt has already set in the textures of the car, use small brushes, such as toothbrush, to remove it.
  • For the leather dashboard, olive oil is good for conditioning and polishing it.
  • To remove animal hair, use sprays bottle and a sponge.

Do you want to clean your car like a pro? Here are some methods from the experts:

  1. Assess the condition of your car. Is it brand new? Does it have a neglected exterior? Brand new cars have polished interiors and exteriors, while moderately-used cars may have a worn out exterior. The amount of wax and level of cleaning effort depend on the condition of the car.
  2. Car cleaning chemicals have various solutions which are suitable for the different conditions of the car. Carefully examine the labels of the car cleaning solutions so you know which is suitable for your car. Identify the level of the acidity that’s safe for a specific area of the car – upholstery, windows, wheels, etc.
  3. The easy way to remove dirt from the exterior of the car is to wash it with car washing soap. Do not use a dishwashing liquid or detergent soap, as it can ruin the paint and wax of the car exterior.
  4. After washing your car, you can easily the scrapes and oxidation and feel the dirt and other contaminants that were not removed by If you feel smacks, you need to do further cleaning.

For deep seated dirt, use a clay bar to soften it and remove it while keeping the surface paint smooth. Use the clay bar by rubbing it into water. Then, use a detailer as a lubricant. Dash it diagonally the car’s exterior by cling to it on your palm.

  1. You may want to polish the surface for added shine. This is optional if you want to add vigor of color and shine for dark colored cars.
  2. For the interior of your car, a car vacuum cleaner can help by sucking in dirt, dust, and other mess. Even the deep-seated dirt and littlest mess can be sucked in by the car vacuum cleaner. There are many car vacuum cleaners in stores today, choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.
  3. For cars, the wax acts as a sun protection. It protects car from UV rays to avoid the paint of the car from vanishing and prevent anything from landing onto the surface. Wax maintains the car’s glossy finish and keeps it looking brand new.
  4. It is also important to clean the wheels and the windows. When it comes to cleaning the windows, do not use Windex and other household glass cleaners; instead, use an auto window cleaner. For the wheels, use an acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel solution.

When cleaning the car, you do not use every cleaner you find. Detergent soaps, dishwashing liquid, etc. may ruin the car exterior. Big brushes can harm it too. That is why it is important to use solutions that are specifically formulated for the cars.

Weird car cleaning tips

Some car owners share some unconventional tips for car cleaning.

  • A vodka solution of 4 cups water, 2 teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent, and 3 cups vodka can clean the window shield.
  • Using an old pair of pantyhose as a scrub for cleaning the windows is safe and effective
  • Do not wash your car when it’s hot as it may cause blotches and deposits.
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