Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaners

There are two types of car vacuum cleaners available in the market today: corded or wall-mounted car vacuum cleaners, and cordless car vacuum cleaners. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, which affects their suction power and mess capacity.

Cordless car vacuum cleaners are noted for their rechargeable batteries, allowing users to move around the car without worrying about a cable. They are also smaller in size and very light to carry. However, their battery life can be affected by the motor installed in the vacuum and the type of mess they are subjected to clean.

Regardless of the setbacks of this type of car vacuum cleaner, there are several brands which offer excellent cordless car vacuum cleaners in the market.

Below are some of the most notable ones and the features which make them stand out.

Hikeren DC 12-Volt 106W Wet and Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless car vacuum cleaner from Hikeren has quite a suction power as it can produce a suction power of 3.0KPA. It also comes with a metal fan mechanism that produces 20% less noise but 20% additional suction power. According to the company, it can clean up any type of dirt, from fine dust to larger messes in any surface inside the car.

Users would also get three accessories to help in the cleaning operation with this vacuum cleaner. This cordless car vacuum cleaner can transform into a corded car vacuum if it is needed thanks to its DC 12V plug which would work well in any cigarette lighter. This vacuum cleaner also passed ROHS and CE certifications, guaranteeing excellent performance every time you use this machine.

Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V6 Trigger is the one to look into. This vacuum cleaner has two times the suction power of other cordless vacuum cleaners without sacrificing its weight and size.

Thanks to the Digital Motor V6 installed in the system, it is the most powerful handheld vacuum in the market today and assists in getting the finest dust in your car, from any surface. Users also have the ability to modify the sucking power of this vacuum. The battery life of this cordless car vacuum cleaner is also saved by its run-time enhancing trigger.

Black + Decker CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

Want a handheld vacuum cleaner for your house or car that will not run out of batteries in one go? This is the handheld vacuum to get. This handheld vacuum has lithium batteries that can hold charge for a maximum of 18 hours, allowing users to use this cordless vacuum without worrying it will run out of charge immediately.

Adding to the long-life of the battery is the Smart Charge Technology installed in the machine which enables the vacuum to save energy by up to 50% each time it is turned on. Users are also provided a multi-surface cleaning attachment that can be used in any space or surface. This vacuum cleaner is also very easy to clean thanks to the Dustbuster and air filter included in the vacuum cleaner.

Stanley Black and Decker FHV1200W Cordless Mini Canister Vacuum

If you want a cordless vacuum cleaner that can be used both at home, at the workshop and in the car, the FHV1200W is the vacuum to look into. With its extendable hose and three attachments, this vacuum cleaner can clean any surface at any height without ruining the surface.

In order to make sure this vacuum cleaner delivers a big suction power, it has a high performance motor that can do Cyclonic Action which guarantees it will continue to deliver big suction power each and every time. The motor also has a unique filter technology that enables the vacuum to get even the finest dirt that is normally difficult to remove.

Once users are done using the machine, they can easily clean the vacuum canister with its Easy Empty function. When it is cleaned, this vacuum comes with its own storage caddy which has allotted areas for the vacuum’s accessories.

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