HOTOR DC12-Volt 106W Wet&Dry Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Review

HOTOR DC12-Volt 106W Wet&Dry Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Review

Buying the right kind of vacuum can make the difference between a clean carpet in the home, vehicle, business and other places that people frequent on a regular basis. Trying to care for carpeting can become a monumental undertaking if you do not have the right kind of tools, equipment, and accessories that you need.

While a big vacuum is often made to take care of relatively large spaces, the handheld cleaner has been designed to keep smaller places clean and tidy. Even though the smaller cleaner may not be used for large jobs, most people usually like portable vacuums which have enough suction to pick up things quickly.

With this in mind, you can review the HOTOR DC12-Volt 106W Portable Vacuum to see what it offers. For those who want to know a little bit more about is features, the pros and cons of using it, here is additional information in a review of this portable handheld vacuum.


  • Comes with a strong suction feature that has the power of a DC 12-volt. Therefore, it can pick up a variety of different heavy items quickly including things like an iPhone 6; this means it can do a blockbuster job on cleaning up dirt and debris in any vehicle
  • Designed to serve multiple functions because it can be used as both as a dry and wet vacuum.
  • With this vacuum, you will benefit greatly from the 3 serviceable attachments along with a 16.4’/5m cord. The long and extended length is great for assisting with all of the cleaning because it has been made to reach difficult areas
  • Manufacturers have designed it with various services in mind including suctioning up liquids that have spilled on the carpet or upholstery in your vehicle
  • This vacuum comes with easy-to-carry combinations, and you will be able to store things away in a zippered carrying case. This carrying case has been designed for carrying all of the accessories that fit numerous different needs. You can take this vacuums with you in your vehicle or can easily store it away in a closet or other storage area
  • Easy-to-wash features because it has been designed with a filter that is easy to pull out and discard. Also, whenever it is needed, the filter can be cleaned with its brush attachment after each use. The frequency of cleaning helps to determine how long these filters will last
  • Total package comes with a number of different types of accessories including a handle for toting around, an extension hose, brush attachment, 5 meters of cable, crevice attachment, carrying case and an operation manual


  • Dual functionality that allows you to clean your carpeting as a dry and a wet vacuum
  • It is easy to carry from one place to another because it is not only portable, but also light enough to transport easily
  • Cleanups are easy since it comes with a dust bowl that can be attached and emptied without a lot of unnecessary hassle
  • If not satisfied with this vacuum’s performance, you will find it comes with HOTOR’s products guarantee and refund
  • Built of good quality and sturdy materials so it is expected to last for a long time
  • Great price for the product and the functionalities provided.


Rechargeable battery life does not last very long on this device


Overall, the HOTOR DC12-Volt 106W Portable Vacuum is an excellent buy for anyone who needs such a device for their vehicle, upholstery and the carpeting in the home.

Since it has multiple functions, this device allows you to use it as both a dry and wet vacuum, and you will have the flexibility that you need to clean up all kinds of debris including spills and stains found on carpets; there are many great advantages in buying this handheld car vacuum.

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