How to Clean Car Vacuum Cleaner and Keep It Working Like Brand New

How to Clean Car Vacuum Cleaner and Keep It Working Like Brand New

A vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning wide surfaces and even the hard to reach areas. For car owners, this equipment is heaven sent.

It saves car owners from spending huge amount of money in professional auto detailing or quick car washes that can damage the car. But what about the life of car vacuum cleaner? How to clean car vacuum cleaner and keep it working like brand new?

Every long lasting device is constant care and maintenance. When it comes to car vacuum cleaners, it is important to buy the right type and a high quality of brand. But more important than the name and features is the proper way to maintain car vacuum cleaner such as cleaning the filter, removing excess dust, and more.

The most important part of the car vacuum cleaner is the vacuum filter. It absorbs the dirt and gets rid of allergens and dust. If this part is not clean, it won’t be able to suck up dirt because its suctioning capability is reduced.

Worse, if left unclean, the filter will remain clogged and will cause the motor and its parts to malfunction. Replacement of motor is very expensive so it is best to clean the car vacuum cleaner regularly.

Here are the steps on how to clean car vacuum cleaner, specifically the filter:

  1. Know where the filters are located and read the user’s manual. The manual usually states that the filter should be cleaned regularly, about 3 to 4 uses. One sign that the filter needs cleaning is the loss of suction power.

If the manual says that the filter is not washable, don’t wash it. Different car vacuum cleaners have different types of filters – some can be detached and cleaned in various ways. Generally, the filter should be removed from the car vacuum cleaner during cleaning.

  1. Once you removed the dust from the filter, the dust will spread in the air and settle on the surfaces nearby. It is recommended to remove the dust in a garage so it won’t spread indoors. Tap the filter gently onto the garbage rim so the majority of the dust will fall into Then run over the soft brush over the both sides of the filter. An old toothbrush will do.
  2. If allowed, rinse the filter. Most washable filters are made of foam, plastic, and other similar materials. Wash in under the sink. However, if the filter is made of paper, it can’t be washed or else it would have an adverse Read the manual carefully before getting the filter wet.
  3. After washing or dusting off the filter and thoroughly air drying it, you can put it back into the vacuum cleaner. However, at some point, the vacuum cleaner filter should be replaced. Even with regular cleaning, filters need replacement because they have specific lifespans.

Many newer car vacuum cleaners have filters that can last as long as the life of its machine. Therefore, as long as they are not damaged, they can be used throughout their life span. Some vacuum cleaners have disposable filters that last about 6 to 12 months depending on how often these filters are cleaned.

Another important thing to consider on how to clean the car vacuum cleaner is to buy the right type of vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. If you more regularly clean the filter, this could mean that you are using the wrong vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. It could mean that it has a small capacity that clogs filters.

Generally, it is recommended to use a pet model vacuum cleaner. This is specifically designed for collecting pet hair and filtering bacteria and odors which are the most challenging in any cleaning tasks.

There are five main types of vacuum cleaners:

  • The upright, which is most commonly used; it has the most powerful suction enough to clean large surfaces.
  • The stick has thin built that can be held like a stick; it can go through crevices and small spaces to get the dust and dirt.
  • The canister, which has a versatile design and has a slender body.
  • The handheld, which is most suitable for cleaning hard to reach spaces such as car corners.
  • The robot, which can go around the house to suck up dirt, dust, and other messes; it is the most convenient vacuum cleaner because it needs very little effort.
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