Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

The insides and narrow crevices of the cars are some of the most challenging places to clean. This is where the dirt and mess usually settle in and accumulate. Some car owners pay for professional auto detailing, but cleaning the car can be simply done with the help of car vacuum cleaners.

Car vacuum cleaners are very useful pieces of car equipment that maintain the cleanliness of the car inside and out. They are powered cleaning tools that suck in dirt and mess out of the car. Car vacuum cleaners are powered by battery or electricity.

If it is your first time buying a car vacuum cleaner, you might not know where to start. This article enumerates factors to consider in a car vacuum cleaner and features one of the best-selling car vacuum cleaners today.

There are some factors to consider in car vacuum cleaners. Do you need a portable car vacuum cleaner or something with a high sucking power? Tank capacity shows how much dirt and mess the car vacuum cleaner can contain, while the machine size speaks to its sucking power. Factors depend on the preference of the car owner.

When it comes to car vacuum cleaners, one bestseller today is the Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner. It comes in complete package where everything that you need in a car vacuum cleaner is included. Here are the features, pros, and cons of Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner:


The Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner is powered by 12 volts and 106 watts plugged into the car or any vehicle. It can be used anywhere without the need of any power outlet.

The suction power of Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner is 3.0KPA that it easily sucks in dirt, mess, dust, and even an iPhone. Despite this high suction power, this handheld car vacuum cleaner has a noise level of 75db for comfortable use.

It features a leak-proof shield that automatically closes to prevent the trash from coming out. It automatically opens when the vacuum starts working, and automatically closes when it stops.

Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner features dry and wet application. The power button is conveniently controlled by fingertip so hands won’t get any dirt.

Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with three different attachments that make it multi-functional and versatile. It has a brush attachment that is used to any mess that stuck on the car, a hard mouth used for cleaning the under seat or trunk, and a soft tube used to clean the carpet or corners of the car. It also comes with a soft tube that connects the brush and hard mouth when needed.

Aside from the attachments, the Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with free accessories such as extension hose, 1 x 5 meter long lighter     cable, operation manual, and a carrying case. These accessories are important to conveniently perform your car cleaning tasks.

Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner can thoroughly clean the car from dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and more.


  • Comes with 3 different brush attachments
  • Great power and suction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Dry and wet application
  • Easy operation
  • Comes with complete accessories
  • Removable, reusable filter
  • Easy to carry
  • Long wire


  • No battery power
  • Glitchy
  • Poor suction power


Car vacuum cleaners are very useful equipment for cleaning the insides and outside of the car. When it comes to purchasing one, choose the vacuum that can thoroughly clean the car. It should have strong enough suction power and portable enough for convenient use.

There are different car vacuum cleaners in stores today but only few can do its real work. One of them is this Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner. It is powered by 12 volts and 106 watts, and is plugged into the car to that 3.0 KPA. The suction power is strong enough to suck in mess, pet hair, and other different kinds of dirt.

Some users say that Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner has poor suction power and it can sometimes become glitch. However, most users share their satisfaction with the product.

For them, Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner is very convenient and easy to use. It is lightweight and portable enough to carry anywhere. The attachments and brushes that come with it are very useful and make Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner a very multi-functional car vacuum cleaner.

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