Top Pick Best 12v Car Vacuum Cleaners

Top Pick Best 12v Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car owners spend time and effort in cleaning their cars. Some even spend huge money for professional car services. But in fact, cleaning the car is easy and convenient with just one tool – the car vacuum cleaner. What is a car vacuum cleaner? What is the best 12v car vacuum? How does it clean the car?

A car vacuum cleaner is a type of handheld vacuum cleaner that is small enough to clean the different surfaces and parts of the car. It uses an air pump that creates a partial vacuum to draw the dirt inside the bag. It can get dirt, dust, pet hair, and other mess from the trunk, crevices and other hard to reach areas in the car. The dirt goes to the bag or cyclone for disposal.

Car vacuum cleaners come with different accessories and attachments that make them more versatile. These attachments can be confusing. Knowing the purpose and function of each attachment will enable you to maximize the car vacuum cleaner. Some attachments that usually come with a car vacuum cleaner package are the following:

  • Dusting brush. Dusting brush is used for cleaning sensitive surfaces like framed art, paintings, lampshades, whisk window sills, and more.
  • Crevice tool. The crevice tool is used for getting through tight spots and small areas. It can suck up dirt in between sofa cushions, interiors of the car, along with the baseboards, and more.
  • Upholstery tool. Upholstery tool is used for cleaning mattress, sofas, chairs, and cushions. It has lint catching fabric strip that conveniently attracts dirt from these kinds of surface.

Car vacuum cleaners are small enough for cleaning the insides and outsides of the car. Therefore, they come in small bag and machines, and are powered by low voltages. Car vacuum cleaners are usually 12 volts and powered by battery or car’s battery.

Choosing the best car vacuum cleaner is not easy among the wide array of choices. So, here are the top pick best 12v car vacuum cleaners:

Top pick best 12v car vacuum cleaners

Based on the online reviews and ratings, here are the best 12v car vacuum cleaners today:

Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner

Powered by 12 voltage and 106 watts, Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner can be conveniently plugged into the car. It is very portable and can be used anywhere you go without the need of any wall power outlet. The suction power is 3.0 KPA so it easily sucks in dirt, dust, pet hair, and other mess. Its noise level is very low, only 75 dB.

One unique feature of Scopow Car Vacuum Cleaner is its leak-proof shield that prevents the collected dirt from coming out. It also features wet and dry cleaning abilities, so aside from dust, it can also clean spilled liquid.

Black & Decker Automotive Pivoting Nose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker Automotive Pivoting Nose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a 12 volt handheld car vacuum cleaner built with a pivoting nozzle that allow cyclonic movement to keep the filter clean and maintain its suction power. So, it does not need more regular filter cleaning and can last for long.

Black & Decker Automotive Pivoting Nose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with different attachments including a crevice tool, upholstery brush, hose, and storage bag. It also prevents your hand from dirt because it has one step easy empty bagless dirt canister. It also has a filter refresh knob that conveniently clears debris off the filter.

Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for another 12v car vacuum cleaner, the Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner is another good option. It is connected to the cigarette lighter and has a 16.4 long power cord. The suction power is great; it can suck up cigarette ash, leaves, pet hair, dust, crumbs, and other mess.

Biboss Car Vacuum Cleaner also comes with different attachments that make it multifunctional – the hard mouth used for cleaning areas under the seats and trunks, the brush for cleaning stuck dirt, and the soft brush for cleaning the carpets and crevices of the car.

There are other best 12v car vacuums in the stores today. Choose wisely depending on your cleaning tasks and preferences. Portability, suction power, cord length, voltage, and attachments are just some of the factors to consider when buying a car vacuum cleaner.

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